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Welcome Back to the Mines!

by:ZH Gems     2020-04-08
We will continue our second post about the mines starting with a famous mine, the Lone Mountain Turquoise Mine. Lone Mountain: Owned by Gene Wadell, this mine is operated by Chris Lott 16 miles outside of Tonopah, Nevada. Lone Mountain Turquoise is some of the top web stones and considered one of only a few of the worlds 'sweet heart' mines. It has been in operation for many years but has been dormant up until 7 or 8 years ago. Blue Widow: New found mine. Located by Danny and Tommy Otteson. This is only a surface mine so far as it has not been extensively explored. Already producing very nice blue stone with great web potential. Makes a great silver and turquoise pendant. Broken Arrow: Extremely high grade variscite mine owned by Dean and Danny Otteson. The brilliant green is almost unmatched in the variscite world. Quantities are starting to diminish as the mine is reaching the end of stone production. Like the white buffalo stone, once a relatively easy stone to acquire, it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain, especially the highest grades. So get it while you can! Pilot Mountain: Pilot Mountain turquoise is known worldwide for its vast array of colors and quality. One of the mines made famous for its extremely rare ability to form dendrites (manganese) in the turquoise. Also produces some very high grade spider web stones. Little Cedar: Little Cedar is simply a 'hat' mine. The entire pit could fit in your hat. Located only 4 miles north of Tonopah, this is our only mine for sale right now. We have barely worked this claim at all as we simply dont have the time or set up for this mine. This mine produces some beautiful blue with red and brown webbing. This is and open pit hard rock mine. Mostly a 'caked' nugget form is what the turquoise comes in here. Picture a muffin, then smash it together between your hands. They are hard to find here but are definitely here. If you're looking to tip your hat in the hard rock mining business, got to our 'mines for sale' section of this site and read the process for making this your mine.
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