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Razzle-Dazzle 'Em With Vintage Turquoise Jewelry

Vintage turquoise jewelry is adored across the entire world, but what exactly is vintage jewelry? The definition of vintage jewelry is that which is from the 1920s to the 1980s. These styles have become very popular as we see more and more celebrities wearing them. These kind of jewelry are very rare and hard to find, and most often when you do find them, you are going to pay a hefty price for them. Instead, you can achieve the beauty and effect by adorning yourself with 'vintage style' jewelry of modern design and style. This is 'vintage inspired' without the extra high cost and added effort. The variation of this style which combines turquoise color with design is empowered by the color's beauty.

The Perfect Combination

The beauty of a stunning turquoise piece in based on the design and its color. In traditional pieces, this gorgeous color is paired with colors like silver or gold. Vintage turquoise jewelry designs generally focus on these color combination's as well as intricate designs. It's important to understand turquoise jewelry designs are inspired by all different cultures, so there are countless styles to choose from. Turquoise color paired with vintage style is always a beautiful fashion statement.

Classic Beauty Meets Traditional Style

There are those who call turquoise blue and those who know better. The word turquoise can describe a large variety from deep sea green blue to pale blue almost the color of sky. You may even see vintage turquoise jewelry with several shades of the stone integrated into one piece. Modern turquoise color jewelry takes inspiration from this color variety and vintage turquoise jewelry designs to create beautiful pieces which are always in style.

So When is it Appropriate?

While turquoise has been associated with everything from royalty to spirituality in the past, in more modern times it is more of a fashion choice. Most turquoise jewelry is bold but not tacky, so it goes very well with urban styles. Some vintage turquoise jewelry styles mimic older designs so closely that they are almost timeless and go with anything. This means you can wear turquoise with almost anything, so long as the styles don't clash.

So whether you're looking to spice up a bohemian style or add a little color to your business or casual attire, the color of turquoise may be exactly what you need. When looking for this type of jewelry be sure you are getting pieces made of high quality materials. You wouldn't want to look stunning for a few hours only to discover pieces falling out of your jewelry or your skin turning green! Only buy from designers whom you know have excellent reputations that won't sell you piles of junk.

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