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Frequently Asked Questions
For test the natural and treatment way we usual use GIA and China NCTC test report.Each turquoise gemstone and gemstone jewelry what is the samples test report,we guarantee to what is the same test report as the mass goods.
Yes all our order we welcome OEM and ODM wholesale custom work.
This question if you use
NO, double confirm here,we will not use the synthetic turquoise. Fo the orinigal turquoise,stablish treatment turquoise,impregnated treatment turquois, Zachery treatment turquoise,Electrolysis treatment turquoise.These different way treatment turquoise which all can passed GIA test report. we use any way treatment turquoise we will state that in the product description.
Yes. we would like to use all the globe turquoise,when we find beautiful turquoise from other parts of the world we will give them a try and if the sell well we will continue to offer this turquoise in our gemstone and jewelry. Do not matter what turquoise and gemstone we use,it will be clear listed in the product description.Honest turquoise no the countries confine,the main you love is the best choice,please do not care where it come from.
Yes,We love all the globe gemstones. OUr order usual use : Opal,Turquoise,Garnet, Agate,Lapis lazuli,Amber,Copper Rutilated Q u ar t z ,T it anium R ut ilat e d quar t z , G h ost quar t z , G o lden Rut ilat e d Q uar t z , Rose Q u ar t z ,St r aw ber r y quartz,Amethyst,Amazonite,Larimar,Kyanite,Charoite,Golden sandstones,TigerEye,Maiachite,Labradorite,Milky Aquamarine,Ocean jasper,Tourmaline Rubellite,Sugilite,Obsidian,Green Aventurine and others gemstones. Honest use which kind gemstone it is up to customers order purchase,we need follow the marketing purchase to manufacture the products.
Turquoise color range from blue, blue-green, green, yellow,grey,orange,red,lavender purple,or brown.Turquoise bule color it is can shown white-bule,light-bule,shiny-bule,sky-bule,greenish-bule.Like the bule color set we usual use to cut our top quality and mass quantity order.most of the customers will reject the white-bule turquoise and greenish-bule turquoise,which keep their turquoise color the similar color range. Each kind of turquoise color range which also have different color and mixture color too.Turquoise can be any shade of these colors from a pale almost white-blue to a deep almost a navy blue color.
Some Turquoise is clean and not white spot and balck spot,it is very shiny and rare in the word.The top quality brands all use this kind of turquoise. Some turquoise have matrix, spotty matrix, spiderweb matrix, pyrite matrix, quarts matrix, and almost never but rarely gold matrix.
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