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Gemstone Carved Cabochon Jewelry 

  • What exactly is gem carving?

  • The gem carving craft is actually the art of carving and engraving gems.

  • As early as the ancient times, the very faithful ancient Egyptians carved on gems such as carnelian, amethyst and turquoise.

  • -What does a piece of work have to go through from design to completion?

  • To complete a gem carving work,

  • First of all, we need to draw a good draft, then make a model and study its feasibility. We usually have rough stones first, and then design based on these rough stones, instead of designing first and then looking for gems.

  • How difficult is gem carving?

  • Craftsmen need to be well aware of the physical structure, color changes and texture of the materials used.

  • Our company has its own factory, and we know the engraving process very well. We have more than ten years of experience in making sculptures.


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