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Factory And Sale Office
This is our factory which have more than 10000 square meters, have workers more than 100 workers.we have the world professional workers, who pick up the turquoise rough quality is very professional which they look the turquoise rough outside and can confirm cut out the rough inside what is the exact quality shown, these workers pick up and purchase turquoise rough have more than 30 years in turquoise area. For our cut workers they are very professional in turquoise manufacture area, each worker in turquoise work experience have more than 15 years, they can easy exactly cut out the standard size and shape 1mm turquoise pieces, The main you shown them one picture style or really sample and they can direct to cut out the same style piece.

Sometimes we need our workers handmade to cut out the left and right the same pieces to match style, these guys always take us too much surprised, each time let our customers feel 100% comfortable and prefect. It is double confirm they work hard take us more and more customers and friends. For handmade turquoise we are double confirm we are great and number one precision work in world turquoise area.

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For our Sale department is around 10 workers, These office sale business all is charged directly by our boss AnnaHe and JeamChen, We are the husband and wife, we buy this office before 9 years. Oh time can not stop we together work with our office have more than 9 years, These office buildings together with us growing up for the development economy, we are very thanks for the office building, each morning we arrive our office we are feeling we take the energy and passion to work.

For time go on more and more professional gemstone jewelry customers and friends visit us and take us more and more knowledge and treasure. So my friends this wife and husband ---AnnaHe and JeamChen are waiting and welcome you visit us!
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Found in June 2010, ShenZhen, China, with establishing the brand of “ZH Gems”, Shenzhen Hong Zheng technology limited is now a manufacturer specializing in 100% natural and genuine gemstone handmade jewelry, which active both in the natural and genuine gemstone fashion and trade jewelry industry with over 8 years experiences.
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