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  • What is the most difficult part of the gem carving process?

  • In fact, it is very important to start with the hand drawing part. If the details of the drawing are not in place and the actual needs are not accurately expressed, it will be very difficult to do it later. Therefore, every step of gem carving can't make any mistakes.

  • Can gem carving techniques make the blemishes on the gem disappear?

  • -An excellent carver can turn decay into magic. They will look at gems from different angles. It is impossible for every gem to be "perfect", but in the face of these flaws, we either find a way to "hide" it or we find a way to use it, which is very important .

  • Every worker in our factory has more than 15 years of employment experience in the jewellery industry. You can rest assured that we will make the carvings.

The gemstone jewelry series is widely praised by customers.ZH Turquoise Gemstone pays great attention to integrity and business reputation. We strictly control the quality and production cost in the production. All these guarantee gemstone jewelry to be quality-reliable and price-favorable.ZH Turquoise Gemstone has a professional jewelry design team and an efficient processing team. With many years of industry experience, our team members have great design and manufacturing capabilities. We can provide customers with professional OEM/ODM services according to their needs.


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Shenzhen Hongzheng Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in Shenzhen, China in June 2010. The creative "ZHGems" brand is a manufacturer specializing in the production of 10% natural and pure jewelry, Yuhe pure jewelry.

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