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Every kind of wrist ornament has a unique temperament. Whether it is crystal clear, brightly colored crystal gemstones, gold and silver that highlight wealth, or gentle jade, it can fully interpret the amorous feelings on a woman's wrist The most common thing we see in our daily life is a crystal single circle bracelet. The crystal single circle bracelet is elegant and simple in design, suitable for girls of all ages. And different crystal bracelets are full of energy, such as the common garnet bracelets, which can be used to soothe the nerves; titanium crystal bracelets have the effect of recruiting wealth; amethyst bracelets are suitable for student parties and can help students. We have top crystal gemstones wholesale.


Multi-circle bracelets are also common bracelets in everyday life. Generally, common multi-circle bracelets are designed with 108 prayer beads. There is a cloud in the Buddhist school. Wearing 108 beads represents 108 kinds of troubles. Eliminating troubles will bring immense merit.


Our company has a lot of products in gem bracelets. Different products have different raw materials and we have gemstone bracelets wholesale, also accept customized services.

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