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How To Tell If Your Turquoise Is Real

by:ZH Gems     2020-04-04
For thousands of years turquoise has been mined and sought after. Worn by kings and warriors, talismans and new age healers, this gem has long been a coveted jewel. But after its long and illustrious history the gem deposits are running low. Because of the rarity, some unscrupulous turquoise jewelers turn to less honest means of selling their jewelry. Some dealers can even make the honest mistake of mistaking less than high quality turquoise for the real thing. Because of this, you need to know how you can make sure you are getting the real deal. First it's good to know what kind of fakes are out there. High grade natural turquoise is the highest quality turquoise and is beginning to become more rare. The fakes come in many forms. Enhanced turquoise is still medium grade turquoise that just needs to be treated by a process that hardens the stone. Color enhanced turquoise has been treated with dyes. Reconstituted turquoise is made from bits and pieces and turquoise chalk mixed with dye and a binder. Some ways to sniff out fake turquoise is to ask where it comes from. The best turquoise comes from China, Iran, and the Southwest. Check for matrix, though not all real turquoise has matrix it is a good indication that it is real. The price of the real deal will be higher. A more involved method is to use a refractometer. The refractive index (RI) of turquoise is much higher than those of fake stones that are often passed off as real. For example the RI of truquois is 1.61-1.65 while the refractive index of Amazonite, a blue stone often used in place of turquoise, is 1.52-1.53. Variscite also has a lower RI, but another way to detect Variscite is by using a color filter. When viewed through a color filter the variscite will look slightly pink while true turquoise will not change color. Though these are some ways to tell if you are getting the real natural turquoise, the best way is to buy from a reputable and trusted dealer that will give you a certification of the authenticity of the stone when you buy it.
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