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Visit Englishman's Bay in Tobago to Experience

by:ZH Gems     2020-04-26
Tobago won't offer you a multitude of all inclusive resorts, the usual tourist perks and traps, or a fast paced nightlife. What it will offer you though is a slower pace of life, less crowds and secluded beach escapes. This is not to say however, that Tobago doesn't cater for tourists. There's a great range of accommodation to suit everyone's budget, along with loads of fantastic restaurants and brilliant eco-tourism opportunities. Overall though, Tobago is far less commercialised than some of its neighbouring Caribbean islands, and this means its beaches are quiet, peaceful and barely touched. One of the best beaches in Tobago (and, therefore, the Caribbean) is Englishman's Bay. Located on the North coast of the island, Englishman's Bay is Tobago's best kept secret. It's a wonder, in fact, that more tourists don't come here, since it's such a beautiful beach; but the lack of visitors is nothing to complain about! Actually the fact that it has managed to remain the island's best kept secret is its biggest appeal for many looking for seclusion and intimacy during relaxing Tobago holidays. The beach is a sheltered, secluded bay, hidden from the road, with half a mile of perfect white sand. It doesn't have an abundance of amenities, just one little caf?�, so make sure you bring enough supplies with you and you could enjoy a romantic and intimate picnic or a fun day out with the family with packed lunches and snacks. Its lack of amenities, however, is indicative of just how quiet and soothing it is, very refreshing from crowded tourist resorts. If you're looking for your own slice of paradise, then you might just find it here. The gorgeous sand tumbles down into the irresistible turquoise Caribbean, and this area of sea offers fantastic snorkelling. Coral reef at either end of the beach attracts a plethora of colourful, tropical fish for you to interact with. If snorkelling isn't your thing, then simply take a dip in the water. The swimming here is like nowhere else, and a view from the sea lets you appreciate just how amazingly enchanting this beach is. While Cancun holidays are all about fun and party-style recreation, Tobago holidays are for those looking for that archetypal Caribbean dream of the secluded paradise getaway, completely undisturbed and serene. This is the island to visit if you want to escape the tourists, kick back and soak up that tropical feel, in total privacy.
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