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Turquoise Sterling Silver Rings

by:ZH Gems     2020-04-15
The turquoise stone used to be a Persian symbol. It was discovered during the Egyptian times and at this point it represents the country of Iran; additionally, the mask of the notorious Tutankhamen is covered in turquoise stones, a fact that makes the gem even more enigmatic and mysterious. Women who opt for turquoise sterling silver rings will be protected from negative factors due to the healing powers of the gemstone. Moreover, turquoise is also a symbol of wealth and prosperity. The mineral's color varies. Some types have bluish shades while others are more greenish. Regardless of the choice, it will compliment smoothly a dress, as well as any casual outfit. The mineral can be extremely versatile and it can adapt to metals like gold and silver. People have started to make all kinds of jewelry items from turquoise. Bracelets, pendants, rings and necklaces are all great fashion items that are also ideal presents for modern girls. You'll come across a variety of such accessories over the internet. You can opt for vintage sterling silver combined with turquoise for example. Such model will give a royal appeal to the ring you're about to purchase. Nowadays, it is really difficult to buy expensive jewelry. Most people don't have the cash and thus, they go for counterfeit. It's definitely not a good idea, especially if you're buying a gift for a special someone. Women want to see that you've tried to look for a beautiful gift. Sterling silver is also a metal that is appreciated by women. It will last for a lifetime and it can be easily restored to its initial color once it is cleaned. When it comes to turquoise sterling silver rings, you'll come across endless varieties online and in the local stores. Accessories that have turquoise stones on them need to be cleaned carefully because harsh chemicals might affect their toughness. Turquoise jewelry needs to be kept away from the sun so as to ensure resistance for years to come. Special jewelry boxes are ideal places to store turquoise sterling silver rings. It's really important to avoid as much as possible the deterioration of the precious rock. Although it can resist being cut and reshaped, at times is can also be fragile. Those people who are born in December will really appreciate a gift made of turquoise. In addition to its ancient purposes, the spiritual concept of the rock was to provide peace of mind and tranquility to the carrier.
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