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Turquoise As Used in Handmade Silver Jewelry Designs

by:ZH Gems     2020-04-09
Turquoise is a highly valued gemstone that has been sought after throughout history for its use in trade, jewelry, religion among other things. It is a bluish-green stone that was originally mined by Native Americans in the southwestern United States. High quality turquoise is also found in Iran and in the Sinai Desert. Two characteristics of turquoise are its color and the matrix. The color can range from light sky-blue to green. The matrix can be black in color to almost nonexistent. In most cases the color is what is used to determine its value. Because of this, color stabilization treatments are used to maintain the color as natural turquoise does fade, especially in jewelry. Turquoise is the December birthstone and is associated with certain wedding anniversaries. These are just a couple of reasons why turquoise is used so frequently in jewelry. Southwestern turquoise jewelry, in addition to its aesthetic appeal, also is said to have spiritual and healing properties. Polished silver and turquoise make for a beautiful combination and it is no wonder why Native Americans have crafted with it for so many years. The Zuni tribe was credited as the first to use turquoise and silver together. Traditionally southwestern turquoise handmade jewelry can be with silver or any metal, with other gemstones like Lapis or it can be by itself. The turquoise can be inlaid in a sterling silver ring or cuff bracelet, or the turquoise can be beaded with silver; this includes the squash blossom necklace. The turquoise itself can be found in fetish necklaces with different animals ranging from birds to turtles. There are also the heishi necklaces where the turquoise and other gemstones are in the form of flat, disc-like beads, where the necklace has a smooth appearance. Regardless of the type of southwestern turquoise jewelry, it is a guarantee that the artistic craftsmanship will not only be a wise investment, but also one that is beautiful for years to come.
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