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The Lycian Way - On the Top Ten List!

by:ZH Gems     2020-04-12
Considered one of the world's top walks, Turkey's Lycian Way is a 500 km trail stretching from Fethiye to Antalya along and inland from southwest Turkey's Turquoise Coast. The walk is a classic journey through history, following paths of the ancient Lycian culture, one of the most mysterious peoples of antiquity. Along the route, nearly twenty major sites remain, including relics of ancient civilizations, rock caves and tombs with the Lycian's unusual funerary architecture dominating the breathtaking landscape. The route spans from the popular resort of Olu Deniz on the outskirts of FethIye, running via Patara, Kalkan, Kas and Olympos to its southernmost point at Antalya. En route, Lycia's major cities and ruins dot the scenery - Xanthos, Lycia's capital and a UNESCO World Heritage Site; Letoon, the Lycian sacred cultural center; Kekoa-Simena, in a stunning setting also featuring underwater ruins; Myra, where Lycia's largest amphitheater was situated and nearby, the Church of St. Nicholas, named after the bishop of this city made famous; and Patara, home to many splendid rock-cut tombs and amphitheaters. Marked to French Grande Randonee standards, with red and white markers painted onto rocks and trees every 100 m., the Lycian Way possesses a wealth of beautiful mountains, valleys and slopes ideal for walking. Here, snow-capped limestone peaks perch behind the glimmering turquoise sea. Vast swaths of unspoiled pine forests envelop the hills and valleys, while cedars cling to the peaks and wild flowers run riot in the spring. Ancient sites of the distinctive Lycian peoples who inhabited the region in the first millennium B.C. litter the landscape where secluded coves offer refreshing dips to weary hikers. On the way, you pass through olive groves and highland pastures where shepherds graze their goats and small sleepy villages hide behind vine-tangled canopies. Add to those stunning views of the coastline as far as the eye can see distinctive coastal resorts such as Kalkan and the warm hospitality of rural Turks. The Lycian Way is not for the feint of heart. The route, with its many ascents and descents, is graded as medium to difficult, and is certainly not level. The striking scenery, coupled with fascinating relics and ruins, combine to make this route one of the world's top ten walks for adventurers seeking a unique challenge.
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