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The Best Places to Visit in the Caribbean

by:ZH Gems     2020-04-13
Fine beach, turquoise waters, sultry warm breeze, iridescent sands, palms, exotic foods, tropical wildlife and underwater wonderland are just a few of the many reasons why the Caribbean is a favorite destination all-year round. Another is the worthwhile experience many visitors love about particular destinations in the islands like these great places. So get on the place or have a journey on a cruise and stay at these remarkable Caribbean destinations. Better yet, grab a map, take some notes and let us have a tour preview of these best places to visit. First stop, Aruba. Located north of the Venezuelan coast, Aruba is an island where many tourists enjoy visiting for the friendliness and the hospitality its natives show. Even though this island is riverless, it is rich with the bountiful Caribbean waters surrounding it and powdery white sands that stretch from the west to south coasts of the island. So you can enjoy the pleasure of swimming, scuba diving and even windsurfing in its tepid waters. Nightlife in Aruba is as well vibrant. With many casinos, discotheques and themed parties lined in the evening, you will never get bored even until dawn. Just bring your dress-up clothes so you'll be all set when you're up for a night out. Second stop, Jamaica. Going leftward on the map, you will notice that Jamaica is another small island that lies in the Caribbean Sea. Like many islands in this region, it is a prime spot for tropical adventure; but of course it has wonderful rivers that no other island nearby can beat. Jamaica's gushing waters over the rock terraces is such scenery that the place is most popular with. It has both the splendors of river falls and beaches, a haven for water lovers and naturalists. So live a life full of nature's water wonderland as you get to Jamaica. Indulge in favorite activities like deep-sea fishing, swimming, scuba diving and much more. Third stop, Cayman Islands. There is nothing more thrilling than the experience that you can get in the Cayman Islands. For, this is the place where you can have the best of your undersea adventures. Emerging as part of the Caribbean abyssal plains, Cayman is rich with carpets of coral reefs and marine life that many divers love. It offers deep-sea escapades at the Cayman Brac waters where a sunken Soviet vessel can be explored. Plus, swimming its waters in the Stingray City is most delightful as marine rays swim with visitors unthreatened. So buy a diving gear and head on to the Cayman Islands. It is your ticket to your undersea adventure. Lastly, hop over Cuba and stay afoot in Bahamas for days. You may not have just a single destination in Bahamas for it is an archipelago of many islands; but the sultry Caribbean experience waits as you learn both its rich culture and magnificent scenery. Do not forget to chat with the natives and to indulge into series of storytelling about pirates and sea monsters. Plus, this once pirate-led place is known not only for its colorful history but for the natural beauty it has. It has underwater parks, thousands of miles of shorelines, sanctuaries for wildlife and endangered species and a lot more. So don't forget to mark Caribbean on your map in your next travel destination. It's beautiful, unsullied islands should truly be one of your choices.
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