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Proper Jewelry Knowledge and Care Provides a Long

by:ZH Gems     2020-04-24
Whether your favorite type of jewelry is gold, silver, platinum, fashion or another type, knowledge of keeping your jewelry looking its best through best practices and proper cleansing techniques are typically universal. After attending a jewelry party full of cackling old hens (every last one of them with rings on all ten fingers), I learned a few good, eye-opening tips when it comes to jewelry care. The great thing is that whether your favorite piece is a ring, necklace, bracelet, a pair of earrings or any other type, the rules are the same. Take a look at the four 's's' highlighted below and help your precious jewels have a long lifespan. When wearing jewelry, avoid: Soap. Any type of soap is bad for jewelry, and keeping your shiny items away from soap will ensure your jewelry's protection. This rule applies whether washing the dishes or doing laundry and includes anything in between. Rings and bracelets can become rusty or permanently tarnished if soap and detergents scrub the metal, turquoise or gem, and it can also stain the more fabric-like jewelry (hemp, satin, etc). Cleaners in general are harmful, especially bleach and chlorine. Showering. This one is a common misconception. Although while in the shower the rest of your body is being cleansed, the shower is one of the most harmful places for your jewelry. As the water and soap clean your body, they can warp, tarnish and stain the metal items you're wearing. Leave your jewelry on the counter prior to hopping in to bathe - not only will it save the jewelry, you'll save time trying to buff out the damage the soap and water have done. Sweat. I've gone to the gym and witnessed women running on the treadmill with earrings, bracelets and rings on. I'm not quite sure why. Sweat has salt in it. Salt is known to eat at both metal and gems. Even if you're wearing a fabric-type bracelet, sweat will ruin it completely. Simply lifting weights, taking a walk or doing yoga can cause you to sweat, so jewelry should be removed even during these low-impact activities. Swimming. Between the water and the chlorine, this is one of the worst activities to participate in while wearing jewelry. Not only will your jewelry be horribly damaged, the chance of losing jewelry in the pool, lake, ocean or other body of water is almost inevitable. It is smartest to play it safe and keep jewelry by your beach towel rather than to risk losing it - especially if it is costly. Visit the link for more helpful tips on Native American jewelry and jewelry care.
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