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Passion and Creativity Is Healing

by:ZH Gems     2020-05-01
I have been an artist since I was about 4. Feeling neglected and unloved in a large family, the sixth of seven, the worst place to be, I found that my art brought smiles and attention, for a little while, from those I cared about. Those moments made me feel very important. I was unaware that not everyone could draw like me. I loved when I was put in charge of a large country/city mural in kindergarten. I felt so happy when my art teacher chose me to be teacher of the day in junior high. In these moments I felt special. I felt most in touch with who I am. Over the years I have learned that I absolutely love to be creative! I am passionate about being an artist. To this day when I start a new painting, or creation, it is invigorating to me. I gain peace in the alone time I spend sketching and deciding which wonderful colors I will choose and blend together and then watch my art take off and become something that was not there before. It is so amazing to me! The process is powerful and gives inner sense of joy. When the art is completed there is a strong sense of excitement, which also happens again each time I reveal my new creation to someone new... to the first person who sees it, a family member, a friend or even a stranger. After all the hours of 'working', it is so fun to hear their comments and answer any questions about the piece. And it makes them happy too to give their feedback and tell you how it makes them feel! When I wrote poems as a teen growing up the same was true. It was healing and so peaceful expressing my inner thoughts and emotions and getting the words out on the paper. Writing what I was feeling at that moment. The words just came to me so easily and made me feel better. I was trying to get through to my mother, to let her know I felt alone. I wanted to know if she loved me. Although it took her a while to understand it was still healing creating each poem, and again, made me feel more important. People would tell me I had a way with words. Often they would say I was talented and this too was encouraging. I have always thought being creative was healing but 6 years ago I was in a serious auto accident. Now I have pain I did not have in earlier years. Being creative is a great distraction and makes my mind focus and concentrate elsewhere. When I am hand shaping clay into a platter or adding the glazes, it takes me out of my pain. When I create my natural gem jewelry with beautiful nuggets and crystals, it is peaceful and brings inner joy and feels very healing just like when I am painting my artwork. I also love to cook and creating healthy homemade dishes again is very healing and makes my heart happy deep inside. Whether you are going through a breakup, have lost a loved one, ill or in pain, becoming more aware of your surroundings and deciding the way(s) you can become creative would benefit you greatly. You will discover the magic healing in being creative. You will feel more important and special. You will feel the inner joy and excitement that will be of great value as it is very encouraging. And creative people are a lot more interesting as well. Be creative, have fun and stay healthy. Enjoy! See my creations at:
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