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Malachite is a beautiful but unknown gemstone named after its color similar to that of peacock feathers. 

It was called "Stone Green" in ancient my country. It is mainly used for copper smelting, painting, and medicine. Today, people wear malachite as jewelry. Malachite is mainly characterized by bright colors and clear stripes. The malachite made into jewelry or carvings does not need to deliberately pursue slenderness and exquisiteness, but more to reflect the beauty of its natural color and striped pattern.

Malachite is a collection, so it has a wide range of forms. First, it can have stripes, radial, concentric ring patterns, and combine with each other in the form of blocks, stalactites, nodules or grapes. This unique shape can be used as a natural ornamental stone. In addition, some thick malachite can be used as a unique seal stone.

Malachite is like a leaf, there are no two exactly the same in the world. Because of its unique pattern, imitations of malachite are basically invisible on the market. Malachite can be subdivided into four varieties:

1. Crystalline malachite: just by hearing the name, it is a kind of malachite with high transparency, which is rare. Generally exist in the form of single crystal, so it is very small.

2. Massive malachite: It belongs to ordinary malachite. It is generally used as ornaments and ornamental stones. It can have a unique shape and natural texture.

3. Lapis malachite: Malachite is closely combined with azurite, which makes green and dark blue intertwined. It is also called "miscellaneous blue silver malachite", which is a very valuable carving material.

4. Malachite cat's eye: a parallel arrangement of fibrous malachite, after being specially cut into curved gems, it can have a unique cat's eye effect.

Malachite can be said to be one of the best identified gemstones. In most cases, it can be recognized only by observing its texture. There are few gems very similar to it in nature.

The quality evaluation of malachite is considered from three aspects:

1. Color: The green should be pure and bright, the blue and green boundaries of lapis lazuli should be distinct, and the banding should be obvious.

2. Patterns: Malachite patterns mainly include radial, concentric rings and veins. Among them, the concentric ring pattern is the most popular texture, coupled with the matching appearance, it is very beautiful.

3. Texture: General malachite is brittle and very delicate. From the fineness of the texture of malachite, it can be seen that its texture is good or bad.

Through comprehensive consideration of these three aspects, malachite can be divided into two grades, A and B.

Grade A: The color is emerald green, dark green or sky blue, with obvious and delicate concentric ring patterns, and the structure is dense and hard.

Grade B: The color is light, mainly turquoise. It is common to form ring and strip patterns in powdery white and green alternately. The powdery white texture is soft.

At present, high-quality malachite not only looks good, but the price is also very close to the people. In the current high-end jewelry prices continue to rise, malachite can be regarded as a good substitute. And there is no imitation. Very suitable for purchase by the general population.

Our company has many products related to malachite, such as: malachite flakes, malachite beads, etc., according to malachite to make different finished products.

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