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Larimar beads


Amazing crescent shaped natural cabochon gemstone  larimar cabochons for sale   
Source of Larimar

Larima is a kind of blue soda limestone, which is called "water conglomerate" because of its blue and white texture resembling waves. As the name suggests, this stone has ocean-like blue and blue-green shapes, just like waves blooming on the sea. It is said that this gem is the only place in the world that is produced in the Dominican Republic. Its production is very scarce and it is the country's national stone.

Shenzhen Hong Zheng technology limited

Larimar round beads are products of our company's brand ZHgems. Shenzhen Hongzheng Technology Co., Ltd. has many products about Larimar.
The Larimar ball in the picture is one of our company's products. We can create different styles for our customers and accept customized services. In addition to Ralima, our company also produces many products, of which natural turquoise is our company’s main product. We sell natural turquoise briquettes and also make turquoise into many products, such as: turquoise necklace, Turquoise pendants, turquoise bracelets, turquoise earrings, made into jewelry can be better worn, suitable for different groups of people.

Larimar color
Larimar looked at the lines of the same color. The clearer the lines, the better. The tortoise shell thread on the market is the best and the most expensive. The gloss should be bright and soft, not dark. It also depends on transparency. Larimar is a semi-transparent to opaque gemstone. The higher its light transmittance, the higher its value.
The efficacy and function of Larimar:
1. Lalima stone has the energy of cooling, releasing and dialysis, and has the function of melting and releasing, corresponding to the throat chakra.

2. It helps to cleanse and purify the negative energies and entangled complex complexes of each chakra, so as to return to tranquility.

3. It can help people to objectively reflect, examine, and evaluate their own thoughts and behavior patterns, and then improve. It is a gem that can promote "introspection."

4. It helps to dissolve the arguable, contentious, and combative personality, and make it peaceful.

How to maintain Larimar better?
1. Larimar has a low hardness, less than that of a knife, so you should avoid bumping when wearing it, and try to avoid wearing it with metal jewelry; avoid storing it with gems higher than its hardness to avoid mutual friction and collision Make it scratches and cracks;
2. La Lima is a light-sensitive gemstone. If it is exposed to strong sunlight or in a high temperature environment for a long time, it may fade. Therefore, you should avoid the hot sun when wearing it, and avoid heat when storing it;
3. La Lima is easy to react with acid, so it should be kept away from acid corrosion when wearing and storing; sweat may be corrosive to La Lima, and attention should be paid to removing La Lima jewelry in an environment prone to sweating;
4. Lalima is easy to fade after dehydration, so it can be soaked in water properly at this time to observe its color change, and take it out at the right time, but long-term soaking in water may enlarge internal fissures.


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