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How to Clean Turquoise Silver Jewelry

by:ZH Gems     2020-04-20
Turquoise is a naturally occurring stone, and because of this wonderful factor, cleaning your turquoise jewelry with caution is a must. If you take proper care of this gemstone, it could last for generations to come, but if you neglect it, discoloration and disintegration are great possibilities. For those of you who are very busy and wear your turquoise jewelry every day, take a look at this simple list of 'do's' and 'don'ts' but first let's take a look at some of the physical characteristics of this beautiful stone. Some Physical Properties of Turquoise On the Moh's Scale of mineral hardness (the highest are diamonds at 10) turquoise ranks right under 6. If your turquoise gemstone is at the maximum state of hardness, it may only be about as tough as a pane of glass. The porous nature of turquoise causes the stone to have cavities, making it more susceptible to decay and vulnerable to damage. You definitely need to follow these cleaning instructions to ensure your turquoise stones last for many years. The 'Do's' of Cleaning Turquoise Silver Jewelry Only use clean water to clean your stone Dampen a soft cloth or toothpaste (with soft bristles) Slowly and gently apply and rub the stone Completely dry the stone The 'Don'ts' Ensure that a jewelry polish never comes into contact with your stone Don't use hard, dirty bristled toothbrushes or clothes that cause scratches Never soak or place this water absorbing stone in any liquid, as this may cause erosion Don't leave your stone damp Additional Turquoise Care Take off your turquoise jewelry prior to bed, exercise, bathing or sunbathing Place this opaque mineral in a soft, fabric-lined jewelry box or jewelry bag Avoid allowing perfume, lotion, cosmetics, or hair spray to come into contact Never let your children play 'dress-up' with your jewelry Selecting Turquoise Silver Jewelry If you are excited to get started on cleaning and caring for your turquoise silver jewelry, but don't have any, you're in the right place. Please take a look at our diverse selection of this December birthstone which includes necklaces, earrings, watches, and bracelets. This collection has a wide variety of many lovely shades of blue. For turquoise silver jewelry, please browse through our silver jewelry blog and read our guide for cleaning sterling silver jewelry. You may even find the perfect silver gift for that special occasion, or something to wear to that special occasion!
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