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Gemstones Transformed to Unique Jewelry Pieces

Jewelry has been made from different materials since time immemorial. Gold, diamonds, silver, wood, among other materials have all been used to create intriguing unique jewelry pieces. Gemstones are mineral rocks with great physical properties and luster that can be carved and finely cut to create adornment pieces. Turquoise, topaz, coral and carnelian are among the precious stones used to create exquisite handcrafted jewelry pieces. Gemstones are found all over the world with different qualities depending on whichever part of the globe they originate from. These precious pieces are usually cut, polished and drilled to create unique jewelry designs that would melt the heart of anybody with an eye for good jewelry. Since this jewelry is mostly handcrafted jewelry, the transfer from manufacture to retail enables customers to access them at very reasonable prices.

These gemstones are usually mined in their most raw natural form and the transformation from rough pebble clumps to beautiful beads and studs is truly amazing. The raw stones are imported from all parts of the world and they can also be bought at reasonable prices. Turquoise for instant is worked with little or no mechanization into precious turquoise jewelry pieces. Coral jewelry is made from raw coral stones. The stones are usually broken down to smaller sizes and hand carved into desired shapes to make rings, bracelets or necklaces with sterling silver wiring. The stones are then polished to give them a smooth feel in order to achieve that wonderful handcrafted jewelry look. The handcrafted jewelry design gets even more intricate with the custom made pieces. Working with stone can be delicate since one wrong move could ruin the whole design. But those with a talent for the art have managed to come up with interestingly innovative ways to create unique jewelry pieces.

Handcrafted jewelry made from precious stones is great for the customers who are trying to capture the more earthly look in terms of accessories. Turquoise jewelry for instance exists in natural shades that are rare in painted or colored jewelry. Coral jewelry is also made from in different natural shades of coral. The greater advantage of handcrafted jewelry made from precious stones is the durability. These stones have natural luster therefore guaranteed not to fade and scratches do not affect the color continuity. These stones also rarely chip. The sterling silver wiring used to create the jewelry also ensures that the jewelry doesn't rust.

The great thing about custom made handcrafted jewelry is the uniqueness that each customer enjoys when adorning this pieces. They portray different personalities of the different clients and gives character to each of the pieces. Custom made gemstone center piece rings, pendants necklaces or even charm bracelets have been used as family heirlooms or identities. Gemstones create beautiful unique jewelry pieces which are sold at quite reasonable prices unlike gold or diamond studded jewelry which is quite expensive.

With the wide range of gemstones available, customers can choose from different categories of coral jewelry, turquoise jewelry, topaz jewelry and amethyst jewelry among others.

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