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For Students of Gemstones Turquoise Is a Very

by:ZH Gems     2020-04-16
Water acting on aluminium and copper forms the gemstone Turquoise and its colour varies depending on the region in which it is mined. Stones are impregnated with wax or resin to stabilise its colour because sunlight causes Turquoise to fade. Turquoise jewellery needs to be handled and cleaned with care and can be affected by oils such as face cream or sun cream, which can be absorbed into the stone and change its colour. The stone can also be affected by storage in air tight containers, but should be stored separately from preferably in a soft cloth wrapping or bag. Before it acquired its modern European name, when the gemstone was first mined and traded in Europe from Turkey, there were other names for the stone. Pliny called the mineral callais, the Iranians named it "pirouzeh" and the Aztecs knew it as chalchihuit. Its softness means it is a good stone to polish after mining and some pieces also may also be speckled with flecks of pyrite or contain with dark, spidery limonite veining. The gemstone is typically found in arid regions, filling or encrusting cavities and fractures in typically highly altered volcanic rocks, often with associated limonite and other iron oxides. Turquoise was one of the first gemstones to be mined and has a long and venerable history as a valuable gem in many ancient cultures particularly in Egypt and Persia, now Iran. It is generally thought that it was introduced into Europe via the famous Silk Route from China but was not particularly valued in the West until the Fourteenth Century. Long before then the Aztecs used inlaid turquoise, along with gold, quartz, malachite, jet, jade, coral, and shells, in mosaic objects such as masks, knives, and shields that were thought to have a ceremonial purpose. Some of the most important mines nowadays are in the USA, particularly in Arizona and Nevada. Amongst the Arizona mines are colourful names like Sleeping Beauty Mine, Blue Bird mine, Castle Dome, and Ithaca peak. The stone's healing and therapeutic properties are well known and it can be worn anywhere on the body so both a turquoise necklace and turquoise bracelets make an attractive as well as a useful gemstone when the wearer needs to enhance their empathy and caring or to heighten intuitive ability and open the door to spiritual growth. For anyone stuck for ideas for a gift for a December-born Capricorn, preferably with a love of jewellery, it is the birth stone for their Zodiac sign.
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