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Facts You Need To Know About Semi-Precious Turquoise

by:ZH Gems     2020-04-29
The semi-precious stone of Turquoise has been used from making handmade jewellery since man has first been creating these unique and original designs. You will see it in the very ornate designs that the ancient Egyptians made to the modern and fashionable pieces that are produced today. Turquoise in its authentic form is a phosphate mineral and comes in green/blue colours and its copper in the soil that gives it its distinctive blue colour. The name turquoise is the French name for Turkey as it was the French that first brought it to Europe from the mines in Turkey. You will now find these beautiful blue semi-precious stone being mined in many countries throughout the world and it is now a by-product of the large scale copper mines in the United Sate of America. The finest grade of this mineral has been classified as a precious gemstone and this can be quite expensive as the high grades can be very scarce and the deposits of the higher grade Turquoise are notoriously hard to be mined. So how are you going to tell the high grade Turquoise from the lower grades? Generally the clue will be in the colour or shade of the colour and the colour of this lovely semi-precious stone is a combination of blue and green, the closer the colour is to green then generally the lower the grade. The colours that are the bright blue shades are of the highest quality. You will see many pieces of handmade jewellery that have been crafted from this stunning stone and it can be found set in silver made as earrings or cut and polished into beads and crafted into beaded jewellery. Large pieces cut into pendants can make stunning pieces of statement jewellery. There are many different types of treatments that Turquoise can receive before it is ready to start and create unique and individually designed pieces of handmade jewellery. Jewellery crafted from this stone has always been in vogue throughout the whole world and has been the favourite stone of many cultures and has been so for centuries. The beautiful blue colours and the texture of the Turquoise semi-precious stone has made it sought after by jewellery makers and fashion designers to use in creating pieces of handmade jewellery, accessories and to use in adorning decorative items. Because this stone can be very expensive it is now being manufactured synthetically. This means that a large number of pieces of imitation handmade jewellery has flooded the market and these pieces are sold at much lower prices that the genuine stone. Because of this the genuine semi-precious stone seems to have decreased in its value as customers now have the option of purchasing different qualities of imitation handmade jewellery at affordable prices or having to source genuine jewellery designs that are crafted from genuine Turquoise at high prices. If you look back to designs that were created in the Art Dec period this lovely semi-precious stone in many of the designs and it is a favourite stone of the Native Americans and is found in many of their traditional jewellery designs. This lovely blue semi-precious stone looks stunning when it is set into sterling silver and can be found in many modern and contemporary designs and because of its stunning colour you will see it placed in many of the statement pieces that can be found on the catwalk. All the fashion magazines have examples of semi-precious jewellery necklace crafted from Turquoise and if you look in antique shops you will see antique and vintage pieces set with this stone. This is prove of its durability and its constant adoration by women.
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