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Crystalline Barriers

by:ZH Gems     2020-04-11
In association to the basic human need, to protect that we have accumulated or that we value, Mother Earth has created a partner system- the triclinic crystal. The archetypes associated with this system are called Barriers. These geometrical stones are trapezoidal shape-basically a rectangle squashed sideways. With no right angles in the stone, it distributes its strength in all directions and provides barriers in all directions at the same time. It helps us defend ourselves in all directions from inner strength to outer strength. Like the Guardians, these stones do not allow you to see inside. They create barriers not only for themselves, but for you. Create a Barrier talisman when you want to protect yourself from disease, famine, heartbreak or accidents. While similar to Guardian stones, the Barrier stones focus outwardly. They keep us safe in undesirable environments, making them a great talisman for those who work with the criminal element, or emotionally disturbed. Factories, offices, even families may have undesirable environments. If that is your situation, wear a barrier stone. Combine them for great effect. Wear a Guardian stone to strength your immunity or inner fire while wearing a Barrier stone to prevent illness or negative energy from reaching you. One of the Barrier stones, turquoise, uses predates recorded history. Used by ancient cultures as a protective device, turquoise has been recognized as a powerful talisman even in the afterlife. It has been discovered in numerous graves around the world. Migratory tribes wore this stone to protect them on their journeys and many tribes carved animal totems from turquoise to add to grave sites for their loved ones spiritual journey. Kyanite, a layered blue stone is particularly suited for travel protection by sea or air, while labradorite protects for earthly travels and while psychically journeying. If you have issues with hyperactivity, wear or carry kyanite. It provides a barrier to chaotic energy within and that comes from everyday living. Labradorite will balances and regulates metabolism and can jumpstart your energy. Some other stones of the triclinic crystalline system are: Rhodonite-Use to strengthen the heart. Chinese Turquoise-Brings good health and helps protect those who work with horses. Rainbow Moonstone-also known as labradorite-Attracts strength and perseverance and helps strengthen the organs and immunity. Television Stone-Ulexite-Helps you read the energy and intention of others and protect the eyes and pineal gland.There are many more stones in the family of triclinic crystalline system, but these will help you choose the stones to create your own Barrier talisman. You can read more at the Prairie Spirit Voice .
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