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A Turquoise and Yellow Summer Wedding

by:ZH Gems     2020-04-18
Cheerful colors are a wonderful way to set the stage for an upbeat summer wedding. A gorgeous color combination right now is turquoise with yellow. Find out how to use this lively pair of colors to create a fabulous wedding. Turquoise and yellow are definitely a summer wedding color palette. The bright carefree hues are perfect for the lazy days of summer. They are especially well suited to an outdoor wedding, because even the brightest colors do not feel overpowering when seen in nature. The green of the grass and trees make a natural bridge between the blue and yellow hues; you may wish to incorporate additional touches of green into the color palette to draw in more of that natural beauty to your decorations. Yellow is an easy color to find flowers in, while turquoise tends to be an easier color to wear. That leads to the conclusion that turquoise bridesmaid dresses with yellow bouquets would be ideal for the wedding ceremony. For a summer wedding, a polished cotton strapless dress would look fantastic: stylish, but not too formal. If you are aiming for a more casual effect, simple silver bridesmaid jewelry would be a great accent, or opt for custom crystal bridesmaid jewelry in turquoise for a more elegant style. Either way, your bridesmaids will look incredible. There are some marvelous yellow flowers that you can use for your bouquets and centerpieces. Two of this year's trendiest flowers are dahlias and billy balls (officially called craspedia), and both come in rich golden yellow hues. If you want something really splashy, opt for enormous dinner plate dahlia bouquets; it only takes a couple of stems to create an impressive bouquet. Billy balls are whimsical and offbeat. They pair nicely with other non-traditional elements such as succulents. The bride could use some of the yellow blossoms in her bouquet, perhaps in combination with white flowers to set it apart. Turquoise table linens are a fantastic option for the wedding reception. Top them white yellow blossoms in white vases as the centerpieces, and you will have a very special look. White chiavari or wooden folding chairs will provide a visual break from all of the bright color. It would be delightful to decorate the back of the bride and groom's chairs with a garland of yellow and turquoise paper pom poms. Larger versions of the paper decorations can be suspended over the dessert table or the guest book table for a fun effect. They are an easy DIY project, especially when you are only using them in a limited area and do not need a huge number of pom poms. There are many additional ways to work with this delightful color palette. For instance, you could have a candy station featuring clear glass jars filled with sweets in your signature colors. The wedding cake is definitely a place to showcase your wedding colors as well. The cheerful spirit of turquoise and yellow is sure to put all of your guests in a celebratory frame of mind!
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