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A Story Of Spiritual Love - In Turquoise

Turquoise as a healing colour relates to the thymus chakra just below the throat chakra. As the thymus gland is a regulater for the immune system, and boosts the life-force or prana energies, this colour activates and strengthens the bodies own defences and naturally improves the quality of life. It doesn't have many negative aspects although as it is a mixture of blue and green there will be a small amount of their negatives. The energy of turquoise allows us to express our hopes and dreams and feel free to be the unique individual that we are. The keyword for turquoise is immunity and the colour should be used when we feel so overwhelmed by other peoples ideas that we reject our own. In colour therapy it is given the shape of a downward pointing triangle.

The story to be told is about the love of a mother from spirit, to her daughter, through a picture painted as inspirational or psychic art. A woman has found love after being alone for quite a while having been an only child; and both parents have passed over. It is a very romantic story as it happened in the beautiful greek islands, and that is where she will set up home now. The picture was to be a gift, and for some reason it had to be mainly painted in turquoise. So it was done, a very simple picture of a dragonfly over a pool of water with some flowers and various shades of blue and green. It was being packed into an ornamental box with white tissue when the shop assistant said 'hey here's some blue paper that matches' and the turquoise paper was used instead.

The picture had a description of the symbology that went with it so that it could be understood rather than just looked at. The symbology for the dragonfly was about the 'Power of Light' indicating that just as the dragonfly changes and metamorphosies the recipient also would change and blossom, and that emotions that had been held in would come to the fore. Just as light can bend and shift so can the dragonfly it is one of the most adaptable insects. It was recommended that as the frog was the main predator for the dragonfly the symbology relating to frogs should also be studied. So, the frog is also a totem of metamorphosis and it always has a strong contact with the forces that created it. People with frog totems usually have strong ties with their mother. As the gift neared completion it became very clear that the mother in spirit was controlling what happened, she too had been an artist.

When the gift was received the lady concerned was apparently speechless, she emailed her words because she had shed many tears when it arrived. She had felt that her mother was not around her as she packed her belongings to go to her new life. The mother's favourite colour was turquoise, and she had spent many hours around her pond watching and handling the many frogs that lived there, one of her last gifts to her daughter was a ceramic frog who was also packed and ready to travel. The picture was her present to her daughter not a gift from a friend as thought.

Turquoise is also the name of a gemstone and deserves a mention because again it is quite romantic. The name comes from the country Turkey as the turks were very fond of decorating buildings in ceramic tiles of this colour. The pigment is made of copper ore which was mined extensively in Persia and has varying shades of blue and green and the gemstone was used for protection as well as decoration. Native American Indians also used it, and probably still do. There was a belief that if the stone paled in colour it was a warning of danger, however as it is quite a soft gemstone it would react to bodily chemicals on the skin.

Another theme for this colour is 'Joy' perhaps we should be spreading a lot of turquoise around the world at this time.

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