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A Beach House Kitchen in Turquoise, White and Yellow

by:ZH Gems     2020-04-26
Whether your beach house is located five feet from the sand or five states from the coast, creating a beach house kitchen is all about the colors that you include in the design. Forget about traditional kitchen designs and focus on the elements of nature that you would like to include in the space. For a beach house kitchen, those elements revolve around the sun, the sand, and the ocean. A combination of turquoise, white and yellow are the perfect trio for creating a kitchen that will be true to the beach feel you are after. Cabinets White cabinets are, by far, the easiest way to make the space seem light, airy, and very beach feeling. With brushed silver cabinet hardware, the cabinets will give you the look you are after. If your beach house has a very contemporary, modern feel to it, you may want to select cabinets that are flat paneled and that fit that style. For a more traditional, laid back beach house feel, raised paneled cabinets are a better option. Since your cabinets will be the main focal point in the kitchen space, be sure that they reflect the look you are after. Backsplash One of the best things about the beach is the beautiful colors. Capture that look in the backsplash by installing small tiles in shades of turquoise, white, and pale yellow. This color combination is the essence of the beach house palette and will be a soft, beautiful reflection of the environment. Some large and custom tile distributors have pre-made small tile panels available for easy installation. They make remodeling a lot easier for the do-it-yourself homeowner and save valuable time during installation. Wall Color Imagine a beautiful turquoise kitchen with crisp white cabinets and inspirations from the sea scattered across the design. By painting your kitchen walls a soft turquoise you can easily obtain that look. Select a color that is somewhat muted, as a bold, bright turquoise may be too overpowering for the kitchen space. If turquoise is not your color of choice, a pale yellow is another great option. It is a true beach color and one that can make your kitchen glow during the early morning hours. Even white kitchen walls are an option for the homeowner who wants a truly monochromatic look with the walls and cabinets. Fabrics Window coverings, chair pads, and tablecloths should all include the same three colors in their design. Light turquoise, pale yellow, and bright white can be used together in a striped or nostalgic beach-inspired pattern that shows off the beauty of the combination. Be sure that the fabric you select is durable and easy to clean. Even in the most well maintained beach kitchen, spills and drips are bound to happen. Creating a beach inspired kitchen can be done no matter where you live. Let the colors of the ocean, sky and sun inspire your remodeling color palette to create a beautiful and tranquil space. Light turquoise, pale yellow and bright white capture the look you want with a gentle, yet dignified air.
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