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Turquoise origins around the world

Turquoise origins around the world


Turquoise Origin

China is a famous turquoise producing area in the world and one of the main producing countries of turquoise. Among them, the high-quality turquoise in Yunxian, Yunxi, and Zhushan, Hubei Province is the most famous, and it is best-selling at home and abroad. In addition, turquoise is produced in Baihe in Shaanxi, Xichuan in Henan, Hami in Xinjiang, Ulan in Qinghai, and Ma'anshan in Anhui. Green pine was also found in Jiangsu, Yunnan and other places.

There are also some famous turquoise producing areas abroad. For example, Iran, which produces the best quality porcelain pine and iron thread pine, is called Persian turquoise. In addition, countries such as Egypt, the United States, Mexico, Afghanistan, India and the former Soviet Union all produce turquoise.

Turquoise gemate

The largest turquoise gemstone in the world is produced on Yungai Mountain at an altitude of more than 1,200 meters in Yun County, Shiyan City, Hubei Province. This turquoise piece is 82 cm long, 29 cm high and 29 cm wide, and weighs 66 kg. It is blue and green, with a complete structure and fine texture. The Yunyang area of Hubei Province is known as the hometown of emeralds in the East. The turquoise that is abundant in it is pure in quality, brilliant in color, and dazzling. The colors are mostly sky blue, aquamarine, gray blue, and pink green, which are extremely rare. The turquoise produced by the Yungai Mountain Turquoise Mine in Yun County has the best grade and is the most precious.

Turquoise mine mouth

There are also some well-known turquoise mines abroad. Today I will introduce you to foreign turquoises and see their beauty.

The foreign turquoises with the highest quality basically have to be opened first, and the higher-grade ones will be used for beads. Again, they will be used for carving in the western United States and northern Mexico (this ratio is not very large). Then for the ordinary grade The international market basically believes that the beauty and texture of the raw ore cannot reach commercial value, so it needs to be optimized.

Persian turquoise. Produced in Iran. There are several mining areas in Iran that produce turquoise. The basic texture is similar, and the oldest can be traced back to more than 5,000 years. The color of Iranian turquoise is sky blue, and the texture and color stability are basically perfect. Iron wire Basically there are brown, yellow, white, and black (relatively less tan). 

Turquoise grade

If you dont talk about the quantity and only evaluate by performance, color, and texture, you can basically stand in the top two of turquoise. Persian turquoise output It is very large, and the development, export, and stock of thousands of years are still relatively large. So the price is quite difficult to be speculated. But globally recognized, so the price of Persian pine will have a steady increase of 10-20% every year. For ordinary Players, just buy and buy anything. If you are investing, you can pay attention to the Persian flowers (brown, red wire), or solid colors, with very high clarity, sky blue, or light sea blue. The size of the surface is best More than 10mm*8mm.

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