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8 Gemstone Cabochon
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Gemstone Area

Special in natural genuine different kinds Turquoise and gemstone Rough material, beads, cabochons, carved, necklace, bracelet and bangle, pendant, earrings, rings and fashion style turquoise and gemstone inlay silver / Gold jewelry area. 

Kindly please send me the design, we can make the same as the design and it is better to calculate the best cost price for you.

Wecome OEM and ODM order.

Gemstone Cabs Material

Gemstone Cabochons usual cut these material : Turquoise cabochons, Colorful Rutilated quartz Cabochons, Copper Rutilated Quartz Cabochons, Ghost quartz Cabochons ; phantom crystal quartz Cabochons, Golden Rutilated Quartz Cabochons, Titanium Rutilated quartz Cabochons, Green Rutilated Quartz Cabochons, Purple Rutilated Quartz Cabochons, White Rutilated Quartz Cabochons, Bule Rutilated Quartz Cabochons, Black Rutilated Quartz Cabochons, Red Rutilated Quartz Cabochons, Citrine Cabochons, Amethyst Cabochons, Ametrine Cabochons, Strawberry quartz Cabochons, Madagascar Rose Quartz Cabochons, Kyanite Cabochons, Crystal Cabochons, Agate Cabochons, Ocean jasper Cabochons, Grass agate Cabochons, Sakura agate Cabochons, Blue Chalcedony Cabochons, Angelite Cabochons, Aquaprase Cabochons, Calcedony Cabochons, Bumble bee Cabochons, Lapis lazuli Cabochons, Amber Cabochons, Coral Cabochons, Melithaea Ochracea Cabochons, Bule Coral Cabochons, Amazonite Cabochons, Larimar Cabochons, Milky Aquamarine Cabochons, Bule Aquamarine Cabochons, Charoite Cabochons, Chrysocolla Fynchenite Cabochons, Chrysanthemum stone Cabochons, Purple Garnet Cabochons, Orange mandarin Garnet Cabochons, Red Garnet Cabochons, Golden sand stones Cabochons, Rhodochrosite Cabochons, Smithsonite Cabochons, Sodalite Cabochons, Serpentine Cabochons, TigerEye Cabochons, Malachite Cabochons, Labradorite Cabochons, Moonstone Cabochons, Jet Cabochons, Emerald Cabochons, Light Green Jadeite Cabochons, Opal Cabochons, Pink Opal Cabochons, Pearl Cabochons, Sheel mosaic MOP Cabochons, Tridacna Cabochons, Smaragdite Cabochons, Ammolite Cabochons, Tourmaline Rubellite Apyrite Cabochons, Sugilite Cabochons, Marble Cabochons, Jasper Cabochons, Jadeite-Quartzite Cabochons, Obsidian Cabochons, Tea Obsidian Cabochons, Ice Obsidian Cabochons, Colorful Obsidian Cabochons, Tanzanite Cabochons, Green Aventurine Cabochons, Bule Aventurine Cabochons, Olivine Cabochons, Nephrite Cabochons and others available.

Gemstone Cabs Style

Gemstone Cabochons Style usual we cut these: gemstone Round Cabochon, gemstone Oval Cabochon, gemstone Pear Cabochon, gemstone Marquise / Navette Cabochon, gemstone Square Cushion Cabochon, gemstone Rectangle Cushion Cabochon, gemstone Trapezoid Cabochon, gemstone Irregular Cabochon, gemstone Triangle Cabochon, gemstone Oblaten cabochon, gemstone Faceted Cabochon, gemstone Heart Cabochons, gemstone diamond and others style available.

Company strength display

Shenzhen Hong Zheng technology limited 

Specialized in developing and producing 100% genuine gemstone Jewellery and have own Turquoise mine;

Specialized in cutting Turquoise and different kinds gemstone jewelry factory area and have professional workers more than 50 person. 

Specialized in Making Turquoise and gemstone inlay Silver/Gold Jewelry Factory area.and have professional workers more than 50 person. 

Bsed on over 30 years cutting gemstone and making gemstone jewelry experiences which can supply thousands different kinds of natural genuine gemstones and inlay 925silver,14Kgold and18K gold jewelry.  

ZH Gems insists on the use of high-quality materials and advanced technology to manufacture gemstone and jewelry. Besides, we strictly monitor gemstone polished and control the quality and cost of each production process. All this guarantees the product to have high quality and favorable competitive prices and prompt delivery data.

Cut the order for the Tiffany, QVC and HSN which all delivery the mass quantity gemstone by the standard size, shape, quality from Turquoise/Gemstone beads, cabochons and carved style.

If you need to purchase natural turquoise and gemstone, please do not hesitate to contact us. Purchasing natural turquoise and gemstone from us will bring you unexpectedly rich quality and profits;

If you have natural turquoise and gemstone need our help to cut, please contact us directly, our professional in turquoise and gemstone which the cutting process will shock and surprise customers;

If customers need turquoise and gemstone inlaid gold or silver jewelry, please contact us directly, our exquisite inlay process will make customers nostalgic. 

ZH Gems deeply convinced that as long as customers agree with us With any business cooperation, we will be a long-term or even a lifetime strategic partner. Our bosses AnnaHe and JeamChen, their first day business clients, are still strategic partners and close friends until 15 years later. Just ask, any client likes to work with a company with such a cultural background.

ZH Gems has a professional service team to solve problems for customers.This year, there are more than 10 colleagues in our sales department, all of them work hard and serve customers from different regions and cultures in the world. If you are a professional customer, we sincerely welcome your order, any natural stone purchase, and natural stone inlaid jewelry style purchase, We will provide customers with the most satisfactory and thoughtful service.



Customer reviews


The year is 2012 I start to do the gemstone business, At that time I know the gemstone areaso less. Most of time I leam more and more knowledge from my customer. For this photo they are father and daughter together with my 4 years old daughter, which they come from Germany, they buy some different beads from China to make some craft and art. That time I find more different factores to help us cut the different gemstone beads. From that time to now we all the good friends.


The sister and brother come from Thailand, they are very professional in Silver inlay gemstone jewelry, each year purchase some different gemstones from China. We are the good friends and business partners.


The old and young brother they come from the Middle East, First time we meet each other by Hongkong, Before we meet we together do the agate beads business have 3 times. I meet them they tell us somebody say China people is very barbarous. I listen and laugh, then ask them: "How about us? Are we barbarous?" They say: "you are nice lady!" So welcome Visit China, here people is very amity.

Gemstone Orinigal

Our company has its own unique turquoise mine resources in China and even the world. At the same time, it produces various colorful gemstones in different regions of the world. We all have a variety of resources with these mountains. Partnership and or cooperative relationship, the source of gemstone materials has undoubtedly become our company's unique advantageous resource.

Let's follow my words to travel around the world where rich gemstone resources originate:

South Asia, South America, and Africa are the main producing areas of colored gemstones, especially Myanmar, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Russia and other countries, which have several top-level mineral deposits of gemstones, which is really enviable. Let us learn more about these regions. information:

Myanmar: Geological activities have created "Royal Blue" and "Pigeon's Blood Red". The top color of sapphire is Royal blue, and the top color of ruby is Pigeon blood, so the national stone of Myanmar is also designated as ruby. High-quality spinel, tourmaline and peridot are also produced in Myanmar.

Brazil: The world's largest producer of gemstones, the country's production of colored gemstones accounts for about 65% of the world's production, such as: amethyst, citrine, tourmaline, topaz, aquamarine, emerald, etc. Produces a mysterious, electrified Paraiba tourmaline with an extremely beautiful color.

Sri Lanka: "Gem Island" shaped like a pendant. The gems here include: sapphire, ruby, chrysoberyl, moonstone, aquamarine, garnet, etc. Almost all high and mid-grade colored gemstones are produced in Sri Lanka. And the quality is very good, so it is also called "Gem Island".

Madagascar: The production area with the most complete variety of gemstones in the world, with at least more than 30 varieties: emerald, ruby, sapphire, chrysoberyl, aquamarine, cesium beryl, chrysoberyl, various colored tourmalines, quartz gemstones, garnets Gemstones, feldspar gemstones, apatite, cordierite, sphene, topaz, zircon, opal, etc.

Colombia: synonymous with top emeralds, the emeralds produced in this area are rich in color and produce tens of millions of dollars of emeralds each year to markets around the world, accounting for half of the global emerald market.

Tanzania: The only place where Tanzanite is produced in the world. The depths of the Kilimanjaro Mountains in northeastern Tanzania, East Africa, are the only place in the world where Tanzanite is produced.

Russia: The most valuable alexandrite in history, alexandrite was first discovered in emerald deposits. Chrysoberyl is phenocryst in mica, and the associated gems are emerald, apatite and phlogopite. The famous Ural Mountain demantoid garnet, top Tibetan auction, malachite, amethyst, beryl, colorless crystal and topaz. Along some rivers in eastern Siberia, deposits of agate, carnelian, chalcedony, and jasper have also been found, and there are abundant large-grained emeralds and alexandrites.

Afghanistan: world-famous lapis lazuli deposits, the main deposits are: ruby, kyanite, garnet, cordierite, etc., pyromorphic types mainly form ruby, sapphire, emerald, lapis lazuli, spodumene, tourmaline and emerald green etc.

Thailand: The world capital of colored gemstones, rich in rubies and sapphires, more than 80% of the world's rubies and sapphires are designed and processed in Thailand and sold all over the world through Thailand. Thailand is very rich in gemstone resources, especially rich in red, blue, emerald and amethyst.

China: The world's largest gem processing and consumer market, China has turquoise, sapphire, the highest quality aquamarine, tourmaline, topaz, garnet, apatite, golden beryl, emeralds and crystals.

The output of gemstones in other regions mainly includes:

1. The United States: The United States is similar to Brazil, mainly producing tourmaline, garnet, peridot, crystal, topaz (topaz) and turquoise, etc.;

2. Canada: mainly produces amethyst, tourmaline, nephrite, etc.;

3. India: mainly produces ruby, sapphire, emerald, aventurine and garnet;

4. Mexico: mainly produces agate, opal, topaz (topaz);

5. Bolivia: mainly produces crystal gems such as amethyst

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They are all manufactured according to the strictest international standards. Our products have received favor from both domestic and foreign markets.
They are now widely exporting to 200 countries.

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