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Is ZH Turquoise Gemstone an OBM?
To be an OBM, it requires the enterprise to creates its own brand with premium manufacturing capability and optimal marketing skills. Shenzhen Hong Zheng Technology Limited has reached a high annual output. The products ZH Turquoise Gemstone makes is in strict line with international standards. They are debugged and operated to be in the best status. What's more, we are endowed with extensive marketing knowledge, which helps us to promote our products on a large scale. We are responsible for everything including production and development, supply chain, delivery and marketing.

Since the founding, ZH Turquoise Gemstone has been engaged in designing, manufacturing, and supplying turquoise jewelry. We have become an experienced manufacturer in the industry. ZH Turquoise Gemstone provides a wide range of turquoise heart beads for customers. The design of ZH wholesale turquoise cabochons takes many elements into consideration. The style, design, the model, materials are all the prime factors that prompt the designer to take due importance. With desired hardness, it can stand up to daily wear and tear. This product is simple in design. It is designed with straight edges and or defined curves and it has clean lines with a beautiful look. The product is loved by most jewelry enthusiasts.

Although there are ups and downs, what remains unchanged is our team 's pioneering spirit.
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