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Is ZH priced high?
ZH is priced based on the value-focused marketing strategy. Before pricing the products, we work out our costs first. They include direct costs (mainly the money spent on developing a product), variable costs (materials, packaging and so on), fixed salary (staff salary and related costs), facilities costs, taxes, etc. These costs occupy a large proportion of the price. We adopt a lean management system and run high-precision advanced production lines to ensure every type of material is fully utilized, therefore the waste could be decreased and cost as well.

Accumulating years of experience and expertise in the design and production of turquoise jewelry for sale, we have become a reliable manufacturer and supplier in the industry. The square cabochon series is widely praised by customers. This product features user-friendliness. It is well-designed in an ergonomic manner which ensures comfort and support in all the right places. It is also believed to protect from negative energy and bad omens. Only ensuring the work quality of each phrase, the overall quality of gemstone turquoise beads can be guaranteed. The product is loved by most jewelry enthusiasts.

Shenzhen Hong Zheng Technology Limited has been committed to bringing innovative and professional services to customers turquoise jewellery online.
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